Counterfeit Beat

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Counterfeit Electrical Products Are Estimated to be an $11-20 Billion a Year Problem Globally and Growing
some estimates suggest as much as $400 million of that is in North America alone. GE is committed to being an industry resource for education and awareness.

What is Counterfeit?
Illegal imitation or forgery of a product including company logos and brands resulting in patent or trademark infringement.

What is Gray?
Trade of product or good through channels which are legal but unauthorized or unintended by the original manufacturer.


What is GE Doing About It?

  • Industry education
  • Investigating unauthorized sources and taking legal action where warranted

  • Serializing breakers for tracking capabilities

What Can I Do About It?

  • Only buy from authorized GE distributors.

  • Be suspect of deeply discounted prices or material not in original packaging.

  • Be wary of product labels that have been tampered with or modified.

  • Be skeptical of products warranted by the re-seller but not backed by the manufacturer's warranty.


If you have concerns about a product or source or see a problem in your marketplace tell us about it at: 888-GERESOLVE (888 437 3765) or