Gerapid high speed DC circuit breakers are single-pole circuit breakers designed for use in high energy, high reliability DC power distribution systems. They are suitable for protection of mains and semiconductors (converters/rectifiers) in railway and industrial applications.
Feeder circuit breakers and rectifier circuit breakers are available with operating currents up to 8,000ADC and operating voltages up to 3600VDC. They have a very high interruption capacity combined with a current limiting characteristic.

Product Features

  • Housing and arc chute with insulating material, with compact dimensions.
  • Two-stage contact system for long life main-contacts
  • Solenoid drive with integrated control unit, short time operated.
  • Electromagnetic trip drive operating independent on current direction, fixed or adjustable settings.
  • Available with integrated current measurement unit type SEL (optional up to 4000A)