AF-60 LP - Micro Drives


The Micro Drive AF-60 LP is a compact but powerful and easy to use AC variable frequency drive.

The drive is available in its standard configuration that includes built-in Brake chopper for 1.5kW and above, single-turn potentiometer for speed reference and LCD keypad display that can be remotely mounted.

Following models are available:

- Single-phase, 230Vac, from 0.18 to 2.2kW

- Three-phase, 230Vac, from 0.25 to 3.7kW

- Three-phase, 400Vac, from 0.37 to 22kW



Ready to start from the beginning

- Self-protecting features

- 150% current overload up to 1 minute

- “Pick up” start (catch a spinning motor)

- Potentiometer on keypad

- Keypad is hot pluggable and can be password protected

- RS485 communication, Modbus protocol

- RFI class A1 filter built-in

- Dynamic brake incorporated from 1,5kW

- High level functions, PID for feedback systems, mechanical brake control for lifts

- Easy to use PC software

- Integrated logic control, PLC Built-in durability

- Robust housing (IP20) protects the drive and allows side-by-side mounting

- Conformal coated circuit boards and high quality capacitors maximize uptime 

- Intelligent heat management leads to long life 

Built-in simplicity speeds installation and set-up

- Installation and set-up immediate

- Wiring diagram, template and quick guide

- DIN-rail kit optional, to 2.2kW (unit size M1 and M2)



- Fans

- Pumps

- Mixers

- Conveyors

- Material handling

- Industrial machinery, including: agitators, lathes, spinning machines, machine tools, packaging equipment, plastics and woodworking