AF-650 GP - General Purpose Drives


The AF-650 GP general purpose drive is a powerful, flexible and easy to use drive with many standard features. It is ideally suited for both heavy duty

and light duty applications.

The drive is available in its standard configuration that includes IP20 or IP00 chassis, LCD keypad display that can be remote mounted, DC link reactors, built-in Modbus RTU and RFI class A2 filter. Available in IP 55 and IP 66 enclosures.

Following models are available:

- Three-phase, 230Vac, from 0.25 to 45kW

- Three-phase, 400Vac, from 0.37 to 1000kW

- Three-phase, 690Vac, from 11 to 1200kW

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- Self-protecting features

- Other available configurations: RFI class A1/B1 filter, braking chopper and conformal coating.

- Configurations are available in IP55 and IP66

- RFI class A2 filter and DC link reactor as standard configuration

- Duality of power, Heavy or Light Duty

- 150% current overload for 1 minute (Heavy Duty)

- 110% current overload for 1 minute (Light Duty)

- Hot pluggable, illuminated LCD display, unit indications, rotation direction indication, trended charts display speed, torque, current, full alarm messages & descriptions

- Speed and process PID controls

- Integrated logic control, PLC

- “Pick up” start (catch a spinning motor)

- Precise stop function

- Safe Stop/Safe Torque function built-in (SIL 2)

- Advanced brake control

- 24V encoder feedback built-in

- Easy to use PC software

- Built-in communication networks for ModBus RTU

- Optional protocols: Profibus DP, Profinet, ModBus TPC/IP, Ethernet/IP and DeviceNet

- High standard protection class 3C2, optional class 3C3



Conveyors, mixers, agitators, lathes, spinning machines, machine tool, grinder, extruders, plastic injection molding machines, constant displacement pumps, woodworking machines.