Series P9


Series P9 is a new product offering targeting high-end industrial applications. P9 presents a cutting-edge technology in user-friendly design and effective installation. 

Shape, material and colors

The P9 line offers two types of operators:
• Round in satin chrome metal
• Round in engineered thermoplastic
Modern ergonomic P9 actuators are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, and are the result of superior industrial design experience.
Series P9 satisfies any sophisticated industrial applications.

Mounting system

The P9 line offers a wide variety of operators, contact blocks and power supplies for panel mounting.
Furthermore a range of contact blocks and power supplies are available for base mounting.
The base mounting option is simple due to plastic enclosures fitted with a standard mounting adaptor, which allows a snap-on and secure fastening.

Fitting and positioning

All the P9 operators are fitted with seal to ensure IP66 degree of protection.
A locating tab on the operator allows the correct positioning on panels with holes drilled according to CENELEC EN 50007 standards (with notch).
The tab also ensures panel stability and prevents unwanted rotations.
The tab can be removed with a screwdriver for applications in holes without notch.

Safety and reliability

The P9 contact blocks are designed to ensure maximum reliability in every condition and to monitor control circuits at low energy levels (12V-5mA minimum), due to advanced solution such as:
• Four contact points
• High efficiency self-cleaning operation
• Silver contacts, properly shaped
• High control pressure.