EntelliGuard* Manager Gateway

EntelliGuard Manager Gateway


Designed for frequently monitored systems where safety is paramount, GE EntelliGuard Manager Gateway provides a wireless solution for monitoring circuit breakers.  It allows a user to view information from multiple EntelliGuard trip units via smartphone or tablet.  The user simply launches the app from their mobile device which will automatically connect to the gateway.  Once connected, the gateway will automatically detect the breakers connected to it.  The app will display each breaker in the system and will allow users to read device settings, input/outputs, event logs and much more. 




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EntelliGuard Manager Gateway



Visibility of up to eight trip units simultaneously from a Wi-Fi enabled Android device. Multiple circuit breaker parameters can be viewed remotely such as current, voltage, power, trip settings and trip events (Read Only). When connected, the values are read from the trip units memory using the RS-485 line on the back of the breaker in connection with the gateway.
The Gateway is a wireless computer powered by a 5Vdc wall wart. The gateway should be installed outside the gear to maximize the wireless signal. The free App can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices or iTunes for IOS devices (iTunes Release TBD).


  • Available in North America
  • EntelliGuard Trip Unit with Software version 8.00.27 or later
  • EntelliGuard Manager Toolkit TKS Software (Free download)
  • EntelliGuard Digital Test Kit (GTUTK20) 
  • EntelliGuard Manager Gateway device
  • Serial cable to connect to computer