PowerMark Gold* Main Breaker Generator Panel

What is main breaker generator panel?
The main breaker generator panel connects the residential generator with the electrical system of your home. It is the ideal on/off switching system that allows the homeowner to switch between power provided by the electrical utility and the generator.


Why do I need one?
In the event of a power outage, the homeowner can switch power source from the utility to the generator to ensure continuous operation of critical appliances such as lighting, refrigerators, air conditioning and water heaters.

Features and Benefits

  • It's the easiest solution for the homeowner-In the event of a power outage, just throw the switch and you are on generator power!
  • There are no meters to read, no decision on which circuits to turn on and off(The circuits are pre-selected by you.)
  • Different configuration to meet your installation needs: Indoor flush, indoor surface or outdoor enclosures


  • 30 Ampere Model : Dual Main Breaker 7,200 peak wattage capacity
  • 60 Ampere Model : Dual Main Breaker 14,400 peak wattage capacity
  • Suitable for service entrance applications

    WARNING:Disconnect power from source before installing, modifying or servicing. Where personnel or equipment safety is involved, do not rely exclusively on information reported by any power management equipment. ALWAYS confirm the status and safety of electrical power equipment in person by conventional test devices before operating, energizing or working on such equipment. The information contained herein does not purport to cover all details or variations in equipment nor provide for every possible contingency to be met in connection with installation, operation or maintenance. Where personnel or equipment safety is involved, do not rely exclusively on information contained herein. Should further information be desired or should a particular problem arise, the matter should be referred to an electrical professional.