SecoCube Gas Insulated Medium Voltage Switch


The environmentally-friendly and reliable SecoCube cubicle gas-insulated switchgear uses the most advanced technologies. It uses SF6 and N2 mixed gas as the insulated medium, while using vacuum to extinguish arc. With modern digital manufacturing, automatically testing, sensing, monitoring and protection technology, SecoCube provide perfect solutions for power distribution network, especially for metro, tunnel, railway, airport, mining, O&G, wind farm, and urban power grid substations, which require high reliability.

Features and benefits

  • Environmentally-friendly
    36kV CGIS: Reduced 50% SF6 with N2. Equal to 3x 1.6L car's emission effect each panel.
    Up to 24kV CGIS: Reduced 90% SF6 with N2. Equal to twelve times a 1.6L car's emissions for each panel.
  • Energy saving
    Eliminates two 250W cooling fans for 2500A switchgear.
    More than 4000kWh/year per panel.
  • Space requirement
    36kV CGIS: 70% smaller than air insulated products;
    Up to 24kVCGIS: 62.5% smaller than air insulated products.
  • Maintenance free
    Live parts sealed in gas tank, free from external risk.
  • Quick service
    Each panel can be pulled out from a lineup;
    2/3 service hours savings;
    36kV CGIS: VCB tank can be separated with busbar while live