SecoGear P/V 40.5 kV Medium Voltage Metal Clad


SecoGear P/V-40.5 is designed and manufactured with advance technology and has been comprehensively and successfully type-tested. P/V-40.5 is typically used in power plant, substation of public utilities and suitable to provide control and protection for transformer, capacitor and motor. P/V-40.5 with switching device are equipped with SecoVac series vacuum circuit breaker. P/V-40.5 is designed , assembled and tested to meet GB/DL standards.


Features and benefits

  • High safety and reliability
  • Equipped with SecoVac VB40.5
  • Easy for cable installation
  • IAC level reaches 31.5kA/0.5s
  • Comply with GB/DL standard
  • Full mechanical and electrical interlock to ensure the safety