SecoRMU Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit


SecoRMU is a compact, modularized, extendable gas insulated ring main unit with all the primary conductive system sealed in a stainless SF6 gas tank, providing customers a safe, reliable, high-performance and cost-efficient product, helping customers to reduce their operating and maintenance costs.

SecoRMU series ring main units provide integrated solutions for most switching applications in urban-rural power cable renovation, power distribution networks, wind farms, industrial applications, O&G, underground installations, as well as municipal construction, commercial buildings, residential and other construction fields.


Features and benefits

  • Small and compact
  • Modular design
    Convenient for system design
    Flexible replacement and upgrading
  • High quality components
    High quality gas tank. Advanced manufacturing and testing process, combined with lean six sigma quality management system, as well as high quality material.
    Low annual leakage rate: 0.02%
    Mechanical endurance: VCB 10000 times, LBS 5000 times.
  • Safe and reliable
    Fully insulated, independent of the outside environment.
    IAC gas tank and cable compartment, 20kA-1s.
    Specially designed busbar connector for switchgear extension; no additional dimension or external busbar is needed, offering safe and reliable operation.
  • 30 years maintenance free, reducing operating and maintenance cost. This assists customers to quickly get their return on investment.