SecoVac CR193 Contactor


SecoVAC Vacuum Contactor and Fuse Contactor CR193 are the core component for high voltage motor control center up to 12kV with 50/60Hz. The product can be applied to the three-phase AC motor,distribution transformer, electric furnace and capacitor bank for frequent switch on/off. The product can be fitted into mid-mount metal-clad switchgear with the same operation as the vacuum circuit breaker.
SecoVAC series fuse contactor uses GB standard current-limiting fuses, with the advantage of ultra-fast and big capacity current cutting. Compared with Vacuum Circuit Breaker, the short-circuit breaking time is less than 10 ms, and the let-through energy applied to the control equipment has only one five-hundredth. Therefore, the fuse contactor can better protect the equipment and lower the requirement on power cable thickness, thus saving the customer total investment.

Features and benefits

  • Long mechanical life
  • Easy to change fuse
  • Compatible with MV switchgear
  • Quality consistency