Network, Vault and Subway

Network Transformer


GE Vaultmaster Network Transformers are constructed to provide the utmost economy, flexibility & reliability for network systems and meet stringent underground installation requirements. GE Network Transformers are specifically designed to supply power to the network bus and handle significant short-term overload. All across the country, cities rely on General Electric Network Transformers to bring good things to life.


  • Government, Commercial and Institutional facilities
  • Underground Networks
  • Office Towers
  • High Rise Apartment Buildings
  • Skyscrapers

Features and Benefits

  • Long life
  • Highly Reliable
  • High Short-Circuit Strength
  • Corrosive Resistant
  • Positive Sealing Facilities
  • Three cooling fluids to select from: Oil, R'TempTM, and Silicon
  • Insulation System for Increased Loading Capability

Product Scope

  • Rated from 500 kVA up to 2,500 kVA
  • High voltages ranging from 2.5 kV up to 34. 5 kV
  • Low voltage ranges from 208V through 5 kV
  • Available Temp Rise is 55/65°C or 65°C