GE Industrial Solutions offers quality products and services, advanced service expertise and a global network of repair facilities, field engineers and sufficient experience forum. Our service goal is to help you manage your asset lifecycle in more efficient and economic manners.



Shop Service

  • Equipment inspection, testing and condition assessment
  • Refurbishment (repairs and maintenance)
  • Transformer redesign

Field Service

  • Project Site Surveys
  • Technical Direction/Information of Installation & Commissioning
  • System preventative Test/Diagnosis and Maintenance
  • Emergency Site Service

Analyze & Design

  • Smart Grid Strategy
  • Technology deployment planning
  • Positive Sequence Load Flow Software(PSLF)
  • Power System Planning and Analysis


  • Designed upgrades, retrofits, and modifications
  • Ensure improved power system reliability and performance
  • Extending lifecycle and improving reliability of existing electrical systems
  • Transferring project risk from the customer to GE with a turnkey approach


  • Installation/Construction Plan& Design
  • Installation progress and quality Management
  • Technician/Craft Labor Direction
  • Enhance project quality and efficiency


  • Proper start-up and commissioning
  • Ensure proper installation and optimal equipment performance
  • Test procedures performed according to factory specifications
  • Comprehensive, accurate testing, analysis and troubleshooting


  • Preventative inspections
  • State-of-the-art fault detection
  • Full scope of testing and evaluation expertise
  • Emergency service 24*7*365
  • Parts and repair