Tools and Calculators


Tools that provide the information you need.

You can download these useful tools developed by GE engineers. They will help you perform a wide variety of important calculations like energy savings. harmonic distortion load current and a whole lot more.

  • Electrical Distribution

    • AF-600 FP Fan & Pump Drives Calculator

      This quick calculator uses basic information to compute an estimate of energy savings for fan and pump applications.

    • Busway Toolkit: Cable Converter

      Quickly compare the cost of pipe and wire vs. busway.

    • Busway Toolkit: Autobus

      Use this design and engineering tool with your 3-D AutoCAD® software.

    • Energy Savings for a Single Motor Installation

      Energy efficient calculator for centrifugal pumps and fans. Includes calculations for two speed motors.

    • GE Apprentice App: iTunes & Google play

      In the field, on the jobsite or at your office, GE's Apprentice app provides a quick reference to the most common electrical formulas along with easy access to selection tools for transformers, motors, starters and wire sizing at your fingertips.

    • Harmonic Distortion Calculations

      Harmonics calculator for estimating system compliance with IEEE 519. Provides calculations for several alternative harmonic mitigating and filtering designs, including:

      • Line reactors
      • 6, 12 & 18 pulse drives
      • Matrix (band pass) filters
      • Active filters
    • Integrated Switchboard Savings Calculator

      This tool can help you compare the costs of a conventional electrical room with an Integrated Switchboard room.

    • Motor Voltage Drop Calculator

      Calculator that provides voltage drop caused by the starting of motors at the substation transformer primary and secondary leads.

    • Short Circuit and Full Load Current Calculator

      Transformer and short circuit calculator that provides base load current and short circuit currents for identified GE transformers.

    • Solar Carport Calculator

      Get a budgetary estimate of the financial cost and benefits of a solar carport installation including the impact of federal and state incentives.

    • SpectraSeries® Busway "Speculator"

      Spectra Busway calculator that provides electrical and mechanical data for specification purposes based on required characteristics.

    • Ultra Transformer Energy Savings Calculator

      Compare the energy savings of the QL Ultra Efficient Transformer to GE TP-1 or non-TP-1 transformers. See how much you can save for your building over a year and over the next 25 years!

  • Critical Power

    • Digital Power Insight*

      The Digital Power Insight (DPI) software suite along with GE’s latest Digital Point-of-Load (POL) modules and Digital Bus Converters allows customers to communicate with the modules via the PMBus interface without writing any software. With a set of three tools (command line interface based DPI-CLI, a simple, fixed-format graphical user interface DPI-GUI and the full-featured, multi-window ProGUI), the user has a range of user interfaces to match their development and testing needs. 

    • POL Voltage Setting & Tolerance Tool

      Helps designers set the output voltage of POL modules including trim resistor values; worst case static variation in the output voltage for a trim resistor; calculating the values of margining resistors; and selecting the external series resistor to program the output voltage to desired nominal, low and high values. Supports all Austin Lynx*, Lynx II*, TLynx*, DLynx* and NSR/NQR series of POL modules.

    • Power System Designer Tool

      For applications where multiple rails on a board need to be powered, the Power Module Wizard can evaluate different on-board powering architectures and provide a comparison of different approaches. By providing the relative efficiency, cost and board size needed by combinations of modules, including isolated and non-isolated, the user can quickly make the choice that best matches their needs.

    • Tunable Loop* Selection Tool

      The Tunable Loop* helps designers select output capacitors, and values of CTUNE and RTUNE for Tunable Loop* POLs for optimized performance and reduced output capacitance. Supports the TLynx*, DLynx* and NSR/NQR series of POL modules.

    • Power Module Wizard

      A free web-based tool that helps customers select the best GE Critical Power DC/DC module for their on-board powering application.

    • TLE Series UPS Energy Efficiency Calculator

      Select the TLE Series UPS you need and see the estimated cost savings compared to other UPS. 

    • SG Series UPS Energy Efficiency Calculator

      Use this tool to see how GE’s eBoost enabled SG Series can increase efficiency and greatly reduce operating costs.

    • UPS Runtime Calculator

      Calculate battery runtime for single phase UPS products.